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Design Lead



The Challenge

Gemini is an established cryptocurrency trading platform founded by the Winklevoss Twins. Their web platform has been positioned as the “safer” alternative to their competitors such as Coinbase and Kraken because they adhered more strictly to federal regulations. Our task was to design and develop their first mobile app, bringing current functionality from the website and introducing new features along the way.

The Approach

We embedded ourselves into the Gemini offices for the duration of Discovery and Design. The project began with a knowledge transfer between our team and theirs. Having worked on a cryptocurrency project in the recent past, I was aware of some of the security and legal concerns which presented challenges in onboarding and transactional flows. We discussed restrictions specific to their platform and the flows currently in place on their website. We began collaborating on a comprehensive application diagram to crystalize our thinking.

Once current functionality was established, ideation began on features that they were looking to introduce. These included recurring purchases, basket orders, price alerts, and application logic to eliminate fees for users. Our team worked quickly and iteratively with theirs, creating prototypes with Invision and workshopping the layout and flows through extensive whiteboarding sessions.

After the features and functionality were solidified, we began the process of determining the look and feel of the application. Our team used their existing style guide as a starting point and worked with their team to adjust tone and refine visual elements while still remaining on brand. We also began developing animations and micro-interactions using Adobe After Effects to give the app some life.

The Solution

The result was an interface that exhibited a balance between playfulness and trust. An intuitive application that holds the user’s hand as they begin experimenting with the world of cryptocurrency without restricting usage for more seasoned traders.


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