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The Huffington Post

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Senior User Experience Designer



The Challenge

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Huffington Post, our team was tasked with the first redesign in the site’s history. Aside from an updated look and feel, the main problem that we needed to solve was recirculating users coming to the site from social media.

The Approach

For 3 months, we embedded ourselves into the Huffington Post newsroom. We met with every editorial team and key stakeholder, identifying KPIs, workflows, current internal initiatives. We compiled our findings into a living requirements document that we used to contextualize our findings and proposed direction.


After our initial discovery period, we began presenting features and functionality informed by pain points of both current users and the editorial team. Our main tool for visualizing interactions was Keynote. We used native animations to bring low-fidelity wireframes to life.

The last step was introducing a new look and feel. After 10 years of a consistent visual style, there were a lot of aspects to challenge and discuss with their internal design team.

The Solution

In the end, our approach was to treat every article page as the front page of the site. A tremendous amount of readers visit the site from mobile and our strategy was to introduce the rest of the site through the article page. We did this through article teasers anywhere we could — including the navigation where we introduced a concept we called “windowpane mode”.


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