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Senior User Experience Designer


Service Design

The Challenge

Comcast was aiming to design a new cellular service which leveraged the extensive Xfinity WiFi network as a unique market differentiator. While we were designing the service and marketing collateral, we worked with their internal design team and a team from IDEO who were working on a new Xfinity phone which would take full advantage of the Xfinity ecosystem.

The Approach

Our primary deliverables for this project were a service blueprint and requirements document. We worked with Comcast and their design partners over the course of 9 weeks to formalize requirements needed to launch this product from a customer experience point of view.

The stages we identified in the customer journey were Awareness, Education, Purchase, First-Time Use, Phone Lifecycle, and Upgrade/Decommission. By looking at these stages through the lenses of Customer Actions, Frontage Evidence, Technical Dependencies, and Potential Painpoints, we were able to identify work that needed to be done and conversations which needed to take place.

Alongside of these big picture discussions with Comcast, we compiled a requirements document for us to strategize design work which needed to be done. Since so many touchpoints were involved, this project was especially unique in what was asked of our team. Typical marketing pages were presented alongside product positioning and hardware ideation.

The Solution

Xfinity Mobile launched in the summer of 2017. It was a massive undertaking involving much research and coordination. By the end of the year, Comcast had activated 380,000. Comcast predicts that the service will reach $3.3 million subscribers by the end of 2019.


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